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ESRB Rated: 

Rating:  10
Graphics:  8



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Ruff: Halo is a very fictional alien game, but it is very interesting.

In Halo you are a commander that was frozen for a while. Finally you live again and you must save the planet from the destruction of aliens. 

First you crash in to the alien's planet called the Ring. (The name of the alien planet is related too, because the alien planet is in the shape of a ring.)

After you crash you must destroy the ring and stop the aliens from reaching earth. Also, the two types of aliens are the Covenant which are smart and lick. Then there are the Flood who are stupid and crazy. I would recommend this game for Xbox.

Boss says: "Halo is the best First Person Shooter ever. There is very little to distract from the reality the game creates. Dead bodies don't disappear like they do in every other game. Once a Hunter chased me back through 3 levels of the game before I was finally able to kill him, thanks to all the weapons lying next to the alien bodies I'd already killed. Are there any other games where the characters can move beyond their level? I don't think so. 

Halo is close to perfect. I bought an X-Box just to play this game. I give it 10 Paws in all categories." 

All screen shots from the official Halo web site

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