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ESRB Rated: 

Rating:  7
Graphics:  9




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Kingdom Hearts is a challenging game with a powerful plot. 

In the game you are Sora and you wield the Keyblade which you must use to defeat your enemy and beat the game. The enemies that you fight are the Heartless. The Heartless are black creatures that have no heart and they are trying to take your heart. You must lock all the different worlds to beat the game. You also have to save King Mickey Mouse. After you lock a world, the heartless donít come as much. 

All of the worlds come from Disney. There are lots of Disney characters in it also. Not all Disney characters are in it, but in the game Donald Duck and Goofy join your team to fight the heartless. The Disney worlds are from Alice in Wonder Land, Hercules, Tarzan, Aladdin, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast. There is also Destiny Island where the game starts and The End of the World, the last level. The End of the World is not a Disney world, but it does have some Disney characters in it. 

This is a very good game. This game is a very good game because it has Disney things in it and young kids like Disney. 

Boss Says: "This game has the most calming music, even for the fights. You can tell the fight is over when the music changes. The fighting is fun. The controls are very responsive, and the character motion really conveys the power of the punch, and the solidity of the attacker. 

It's not a game that draws me to play it, but I'll find myself watching Ruff play. It's like watching a Saturday morning cartoon. (On the Disney Channel.)

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