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Outlaw Golf
(reviewed on Xbox.)

This is a great game with good graphics. It doesn't really have a plot except that you have to be the best golfer. You start off with four players that you pick from.

There is Summer and Autumn. Summer is the golfer and Autumn is the caddy. Summer is slutty and so is Autumn., but she is still very good at golf.

There is Ice Trey and his caddy Fesh Fruit. Ice Trey wants to be a rapper but he likes golfing too much. Fresh Fruit is also his DJ.

There is El Suave and his caddy El Ramone. El Suave is a neat French guy and El Ramone is an ugly guy.

There is Harley and her caddy Snake. Harley is a tough girl and Snake, a big biker guy, is afraid of Harley. You would think that Harley is a wrestler.

Then there are 7 secret characters that you have to get by beating certain courses. Also there are 3 events and in every event there are courses. There is also an event for drills. There are 4 sets of drills. The drills are how you get better Stats.

There are four stats you have to get better.

  1. Distance
  2. Accuracy
  3. Composure
  4. Control

You have to get your stats better and if you don't, you won't win all the courses.

Also, while you are playing a course, you have composure, which is how your player feels. The better your player feels, the better your player plays.

Now there are two ways you can get composure back. Yo can make a good shot, which icreases your composure a little bit. The other way is to beat up your caddy, which can raise your compsoure all the way. I think that is the best way t oregain your composure.

The announcer is very good at tricking you. Almost too good.

I like this game a lot.

Boss Says: The first time I played this game, I played for 7 hours and it felt like 2. It stays hard enough be challenging. The character AI is very good. When I play, the console controlled players play just better enough than I do to be a challenge. As you get used to the controls and learn to spin and curve the ball, and learn to use the grids and roll preview on the greens, and earn better clubs and stats, you will play better and better.

There are nice little graphic rewards sprinkled throughout the game. Tea off well, the the ball explodes off the tea leaving a trail a fire and smoke. Hit the ball onto the hiway, and if a car or truck hits it the ball goes flying.

The Drills are just that, yet they're made interesting by how hard yet not impossible they are.

Multiplayer mode is fun, but with 4 beginners playing, it took 3 hours to play 18 holes. When I would think about the game later, it was like a memory of really playing against real players.

My one complaint is the Outlaw nature of the game. I don't mind it but I know many people who will be immediately put off by the crudeness displayed by the characters, and they'll never see past the crudeness to see how good the game play is. I wish there was a CLEAN switch that would make all the players nicer people. Then I could take it to a PE instructor I know at a girls school who is looking for a good golf simulation package so her girls can learn the rules off play before they get to a real course, which isn't easy in the middle of the city.

Very enjoyable game.


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