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Rating:  9
Graphics:  8



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This is a great game with good graphics. It doesn't really have a plot except that you have to be the best volleyball player.

There are four characters that you can chose from. The first person is Leon. Leon is a tough guy. The second is El Suave. El Suave has the worst uniform. The third is Lizzy. She is a tough girl. The fourth is Shawnee. She is a beautiful American Indian. There are also seven secret players you can get.

All the players have ranks, D being the worst and A being the best. The first four players start off in a D rank. The only way to get in a better rank is to beat drills and get better stats.

First, lets talk about the events. There are eight events and one drill event. Each event has five games to play. Each game gives your file something new. The drill event has 20 drills and each drill will either give you 12 or 7 stat points. That's how you get your players better stats.

There are four kind of stats.

  1. 1. Speed
  2. 2. Power
  3. 3. Offence
  4. 4. Defense

The stats get your players higher ranks. When you play the games, pick two people to play with. When you are on defense, you are able to switch between people.

Your players are able to do special hits. Everyone does a different special. To do a special, you have to have Composure.

Composure is how you feel. There are two ways to get composure back. The first way is to hit good. The second way is to beat up your opponents. If you win, you gain their composure, and they lose it. If you lose, the composure you had goes to them.

I really love this game.

Boss says: This game, like it's relative, Outlaw Golf, is built around a nice control system that is fun to play, but my favorite part is the Replay.

After each point, you can view a replay of the action. You can select any of the four players or the ball to be the target of the camera, which can make zoom in and out and rotate all around and above the court, while you control the action. Freeze the action, then zoom around and find the best action pose, then move the action forward, then stop, then back again. Now do it again in slow motion.

What really makes this replay fascinating is the amazing job the programmers have done with the character animation. The females in particular. ( I took a real fondness to Shawnee. )

I don't like that all the characters use the same motion routines, This ruins any advanced character development. All the players will stomp the sand and pump their fists in frustration over a missed shot. But this is firther proof that a video game future rife with complex, realistic characters and situationswill soon be upon us.

I would prefer another way of regaining Composure, and more diferentiation in the players, and a "no outlow" option. Even though Outlaw Volleyball isn't perfect, it's a lot of fun to play.



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