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ESRB Rated: 

Rating:  10
Graphics:  10



Official Armored Core 3 Website

Armored Core 3 is a really fun game. You start off in the lowest rank and must get to the highest rank by fighting other people in other ranks.

You start off with a really bad robot. You do missions and get money to make the best robot you can. Also your robot can only hold a certain amount of weight depending on what set of legs you have.  It gets really hard after a while. You can have multiplayer action and Arena. Arena is level 1. The further you get the harder the levels and other robots get. Your different sets of weapons are missiles, lasers, swords and machine guns. You can also paint your robot.

 The game is long. There are many different kinds of missions. Protect your base, kill all the enemies, and find things.

 This game is one of my favorites and it is recommended by many people.   



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